Saturday, November 5, 2016

My NaNoWriMo 2016 Cover and Excerpt

Ok this is far from perfect. I whipped it up in a few seconds and I have to get back to my words so I don't have time to worry about all the elements. Also the image is totally unlicensed, but google image search did not reveal any copyrights or show it in any photostock collections, and this is just for fun. So unless I get a cease and desist letter, here you go.

Ok so, in case it isn't obvious this is a near future cyber sci-fi detective novel, with a a little bit of tongue in cheek humor. Book one of The Adventures of Nick Flick, Geek Detective.

First Page Excerpt:

At the worst possible moment Nick Flick’s iLazer v4.6.1 jammed.

Nick cursed the small handheld device jabbing his thumb at it repeatedly as an ape of a man, Nick’s target, trudged toward him from the other side of the abandoned airplane hangar.

HitDawg, a level 2 griefer, was just as nasty in person as his VR attacks. Pounding fist to palm the bald, six-foot-tall brute with multiple piercings demonstrated all the signs of a man resolved to unleash destruction.

The iLazer bleeped and the holo hourglass turned over and over, like Fate was having a moment of indecision. Finally the hourglass blinked off and he felt the cube hum in his hand.

As the man rumbled toward him, Nick aimed his iLazer and fired.

However, no defensive beam came to his rescue. The rollicking theme music of the Farmer Joe app played instead.

He shook the device but the only thing that accomplished was the ka-chugg sound of crops being planted—albeit a satisfying sound, it was not the result he was hoping for.

“Cutting edge my ass!” he said and slammed the device into the rusted support beam beside him. The folly of this particular “repair” attempt didn’t occur to him until after he heard the distinct ping of the optic lens firing. 

©2016 Amanda June Hagarty

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